Maui is Burning: “Wind-fueled wildfires on the Hawaiian island of Maui drove people to jump into the ocean to escape flames and smoke forced people to evacuate Wednesday … Fire was widespread in Lahaina, a tourist town with a population of 12,000.” Schools are closed, evacuations are taking place, and visitors are being told to stay away. I’m sure many of you have been to historic Lahaina. Much of the town is believed destroyed. There are also fires on the Big Island. Here’s the latest from CNN.

+ When Words Turn to Sticks and Stones: “In the early 1970s, American political violence was perpetrated more often by radicals on the left and focused largely on destroying property…In contrast, much of today’s political violence is aimed at people – and most of the deadly outbursts tracked by Reuters have come from the right.” Reuters: Political violence in polarized U.S. at its worst since 1970s.

+ Doc Warrant: “He’d been disciplined by medical boards in over a dozen states, lost privileges in multiple hospitals and settled federal allegations of fraud, admitting that his company had performed procedures without any documented need. Pennsylvania had tried to shut his clinics down. Just a few months ago, federal attorneys announced a case against him, claiming he put ‘profits over the health and safety of his patients’ when performing invasive artery procedures, regardless of symptoms or need.” So he’s definitely out of business, right? Wrong. ProPublica: Unstoppable: This Doctor Has Been Investigated at Every Level of Government. How Is He Still Practicing?

+ WeWork Load: “WeWork is warning there’s ‘substantial doubt’ about its ability to stay in business over the next year because of its financial losses and its need for cash, among other factors.” (Those factors alone will do the trick.)

+ Crooked Lanez: “Tory Lanez, the man convicted of shooting rapper Megan Thee Stallion in 2020, was sentenced on Tuesday to 10 years in prison.”

+ Footing the Trill: “Americans’ credit card debt levels have just notched a new, but undesirable, milestone: For the first time ever, they’ve surpassed $1 trillion.”

+ Kid ‘N Pay: “At 13 years, 5 months and 13 days old, Kimbrough is the youngest player to become a soccer professional in the U.S. and is believed to be the youngest professional in team sports across the major leagues in North America.” USL Championship side Sacramento Republic signed 13-year-old Da’vian Kimbrough. (When I was 13, I thought my bar mitzvah money was a big deal.)

+ Tango and Clash: “Months after access to a popular children’s book about a male penguin couple hatching a chick was restricted at school libraries because of Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay law,’ a central Florida school district says it has reversed that decision … And Tango Makes Three recounts the true story of two male penguins who were devoted to each other at the Central Park Zoo in New York.” (The idiocy is mind-boggling.)