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Moving the Goalposts: “Ohioans will finish voting on Tuesday on a referendum with an ostensibly straightforward question: Should it be harder to amend the State Constitution?” But this vote has much less to do with the constitution and much more to do with abortion. So a lot of people are voting and a lot more people are watching to see what happens. NYT (Gift Article): What’s at Stake in Ohio’s Referendum on Amending the State Constitution.

+ Weight and See: “The weight loss drug Wegovy was shown to reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke or heart-related death by 20% in what’s being called a landmark clinical trial in people with cardiovascular disease, the first to show a weight loss drug alone can have such protective effects … A similar trial for the type 2 diabetes drug Ozempic, which uses the same ingredient, semaglutide, previously showed it could reduce cardiovascular risk by 26%.”

+ Unicorn Breeding: “In 2022, the IITs accepted just 1.83% of applicants, a rate more selective than that of U.S. Ivy League universities. The struggle to get into an IIT is so dramatic, Netflix has a multi-season scripted show, Kota Factory, about the country’s many prep schools that have sprung up to help coach applicants to pass the entrance exams. Becoming an IIT one-percenter is often a ticket to tech success. Many big names in India’s startup scene are IIT alums. Of the country’s 108 unicorns, 68 were founded by at least one IIT graduate.” Rest of World: The exclusive network behind India’s global tech success.

+ Snake Oil: “If you’ve been listening to the world’s major energy companies over the past few years, you probably think the clean energy transition is well on its way. But with fossil fuel use and emissions still rising, it is not moving nearly fast enough to address the climate crisis.” The excelent Jason Bordoff explains in the NYT (Gift Article): Behind All the Talk, This Is What Big Oil Is Actually Doing.

+ Bank Book: “Simon & Schuster has been sold to the private equity firm KKR, months after a federal judge blocked its purchase by rival publisher Penguin Random House because of concerns that competition would shrink the book market.” And Campbell Soup buys Rao’s, the beloved pasta sauce brand.

+ I Think I Canyon: “President Biden is designating a new national monument near the Grand Canyon on Tuesday. The move protects lands that are sacred to indigenous peoples and permanently bans new uranium mining claims in the area. It covers nearly 1 million acres.”

+ Abuse Ring: A Global child sexual abuse probe that was launched after two FBI agents were killed leads to almost 100 arrests.

+ Bird Droppings: “The Baltimore Orioles and their regional sports network, the comprehensively sh-tty Mid-Atlantic Sports Network (MASN), apparently suspended popular television play-by-play announcer Kevin Brown for a perfectly innocuous statement of fact made during a broadcast on July 23. The suspension, which was first reported by Baltimore sports blogger and podcaster Matt Jergensen and then verified by multiple outlets, is punishment for Brown reading information from game notes provided by the team’s own public relations staff expressly for the purpose of informing media coverage.” It sounds bad. But really, it’s much worse. Orioles Eat Mountains Of Sh-t After Suspending Broadcaster For Congratulating Improved Team.

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