Technical Howl: It took approximately 72 hours (or about the average) for Donald Trump’s latest lawyer John Lauro to destroy his reputation by throwing nonsense into the court of public opinion. In one interview, he claimed that Trump’s overt efforts to overthrow an election was at most, a “technical violation of the Constitution.” Meanwhile, Lauro, Trump, and all the longterm enablers are arguing that Trump is only being charged as part of a Democratic plot to beat him in the election (even though most if not all of the key witnesses are Republicans and despite the fact that we all saw the crimes being committed in real time). But here’s the rub. People believe this crap. “Most Republicans said that the probes were an attack on people like them and a huge majority said the investigations were aimed at blocking Trump’s 2024 candidacy. More than 6 in 10 people overall, and just under two-thirds of independents, also said that was an appropriate description of the investigations.” WaPo (Gift Article): A majority of Americans think the Trump probes are about 2024. (Sane people need to reproduce more.)

+ Pro Fusion: “A group of U.S. scientists say they have repeated their landmark energy feat — a nuclear fusion reaction that produces more energy than is put into it. But this time, they say the experiment produced an even higher energy yield.” WaPo: U.S. lab says it repeated fusion energy feat — with higher yield.

+ It’ll Be a Riot: “Social media influencer Kai Cenat is facing charges of inciting a riot and promoting an unlawful gathering in New York City, after the online streamer drew thousands of his followers, many of them teenagers, with promises of giving away electronics, including a new PlayStation. The event produced chaos, with dozens of people arrested — some jumping atop vehicles, hurling bottles and throwing punches.” Social media influencer faces charges of inciting riot after thousands cause mayhem in NYC. (This is the kind of enthusiasm I’d like to see from NextDraft followers! You people never riot.)

+ Goal Kicked: “The casual cruelty of the game of soccer was on full display as the U.S. women’s national team was eliminated from the 2023 Women’s World Cup by the smallest of margins.” What Went Wrong for the USWNT? (I’m no expert, but it definitely has something to do with not scoring goals.) What a silly way to end a competition!

+ Me and My RV: “His Prevost Marathon cost $267,230, according to title history records obtained by The New York Times. And Justice Thomas, who in the ensuing years would tell friends how he had scrimped and saved to afford the motor coach, did not buy it on his own. In fact, the purchase was underwritten, at least in part, by Anthony Welters, a close friend who made his fortune in the health care industry.” NYT (Gift Article): Clarence Thomas’s $267,230 R.V. and the Friend Who Financed It. (I’ve criticized Thomas in the past, but even I have to admit … the guy must be a hell of a friend.)

+ Doll(ar): “This makes Gerwig the first-ever solo female filmmaker with a billion-dollar film.” Barbie Surpasses $1 Billion Globally After 17 Days of Release.

+ The Other Blight Meat: You may not want to know how the sausage is made. You definitely don’t want to know about the bacon. A disturbing new investigation exposes the stomach-churning practice that goes into making your bacon.

+ Pump Shaker: “All gas stations in Oregon can now allow customers to pump their own gas under a new law signed Friday, lifting a ban on self-service in the state dating back to 1951.” Jersey is the last holdout.