Weekend Whats

What to Watch: Based on a reality that was probably a little weirder, Blackberry is a fun movie that looks at the meteoric rise and cataclysmic fall of a product that went from being everywhere to being all thumbs.

+ What to Book: “A lot of writers dream of achieving something like this novel, where art and life and love all seem to be addressed in a way we haven’t read before.” So says the excellent Arthur Phillips of Meg Howrey’s, They’re Going to Love You. And as you’d expect from one of America’s finest novelists and a five time Jeopardy champion, Phillips is right.

+ What to Hip Hop: “In short, we passed the mic to hip-hop and let it freestyle. By having artists share what they love about hip-hop — its beauty, its insight, its unapologetic nature — we hope they’ll remind you of what you love too, or introduce you to songs you’d overlooked.” WaPo (Gift Article): 50 years of hip-hop: Rappers, DJs and producers share 50 songs they love.

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