“On the eve of wrapping up the US leg of her wildly successful Eras Tour, Swift on Monday thanked a slew of crew members who have done serious heavy lifting on the road with her — among them, the tour’s truck drivers — with a hefty bonus.” Taylor Swift gives ‘life-changing’ $100,000 bonuses to Eras Tour truck drivers. (Now they can afford a Taylor Swift show!)

+ “The dogs, held in cages at a breeding and research facility, were bound for labs. About 4,000 were saved and, almost a year later, many are thriving with their families.” NYT (Gift Article): 4,000 Rescued Beagles, Bred for Research, Found Homes and Best Friends. (My neighbors are convinced that all 4,000 of them live in my backyard.)

+ Kansas man plants 1.2m sunflowers as 50th anniversary gift for his wife.

+ Petting other people’s dogs, even briefly, can boost your health.

+ Simone Biles quietly returns to gymnastics with plenty left to offer.

+ SF Chronicle (Gift Article): This one man makes millions of tacos at S.F.’s most famous taqueria.

+ That time a seal wandered into a hardware store