The Coup Klutz Clan

“The indictment handed down today challenges every American to put a shoulder to the wheel and defend our republic in every peaceful, legal, and civilized way they can. According to the charges, not only did Trump try to overturn the election; he presided over a clutch of co-conspirators who intended to put down any further challenges to Trump’s continued rule by force.” Tom Nichols in The Atlantic: This Is the Case. “Special Counsel Jack Smith has sounded the call, but voters must answer it if they wish to preserve American democracy.” Unfortunately, many of those voters will be falsely influenced by the craven, treacherous enablers who continue to this day to pretend that the latest indictments are part of some effort to weaponize the government against Trump, or attempt to create some laughably false equivalence between some of the most serious crimes committed against America and Hunter Biden’s legal snafus. These people saw exactly what you saw and they know exactly how much danger Trump poses to America. They just care less about that than they do their own limp grip on personal power. To quote the defendant in this case, “Sad!”

+ “With polls showing that most Republican voters still believes the election was stolen from Trump, that the January 6 riot was legitimate protest, and that Trump’s efforts to subvert the 2020 results did not violate the law or threaten the constitutional system, the United States faces a stark and unprecedented situation. For the first time in the nation’s modern history, the dominant faction in one of our two major parties has repeatedly demonstrated its willingness to accept antidemocratic means to advance its interests.” Ron Brownstein: Trump’s Threat to Democracy Is Now Systemic.

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