The Plight of the Phoenix

Great news for folks who have suffered 31 straight days of 110 degree plus weather in Phoenix. The streak finally cooled off. On Monday, temps at the city’s airport only reached 108. Enjoy the cooling trend. It’s gonna be back up around 115 by the end of the week.

+ WaPo: Phoenix just posted the hottest month ever observed in a US city.

+ “For years, climate scientists have detailed again and again the many impacts that are likely as the world grows steadily hotter, such as more intense storms, more torrential rainfall, fast-rising seas and melting ice caps. But they also have been unequivocal that with more warming comes the possibility of unforeseen consequences — of rapid changes, irreversible collapses and other feedback loops.” Well, (Poltergeist voice), they’re here. WaPo (Gift Article): It’s not just hot. Climate anomalies are emerging around the globe.

+ Don’t forget that the hot summer follows a record-setting winter snowfall in some places. Skiers Are Still Shredding at This California Resort.

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