Feel Good Friday

“Shaddock found comfort in meditation, swimming in the ocean and writing in a journal. Keeping Bella fed and content gave him added purpose. The two subsisted on raw fish and rainwater.” Australian castaway recounts comfort he felt adrift at sea, thanks to meditation, swimming and dog. (If I was lost at sea with my beagles, it would probably take rescuers about five minutes to hear all three of us howling.)

+ “His team started by strapping vibrating cell phone motors to bodies, but that didn’t quite work. The vibrations were all the same. Eventually, they worked with engineers at the electronic components company Avnet to develop a light haptic suit with a total of 24 actuators.” Vibrating haptic suits give deaf people a new way to feel live music.

+ “After a former resident abandoned a pair of pet rabbits that bred dozens more, residents on a small island in Wilton Manors, Fla., have begun efforts to save and re-home the growing colony.” NYT: A Florida Town Works to Rescue Dozens of Rabbits.

+ “Like many in the US who are grappling with pressure to look better, Jim Arrington is unimpressed with his physique – but he says that self-perception has motivated him to keep winning bodybuilding competitions at age 90.”

+ West Virginians rush to aid Polish marching band that lost instruments, uniforms while traveling.

+ Experience: Keanu Reeves ‘crashed’ my wedding.

+ Reminder: NextDraft will be off next week.

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