Seed Investing

The global sperm count decline may or may not be cause for real concern. It’s definitely given a lot of people cause to come up with ways to make money off the trend. And like everything, there’s a right/left aspect to the issue. And I’m not talking about hands. Politics has officially entered your underpants. NY Mag: Sperm Fever The tantalizing business opportunities and disorienting politics of the worldwide decline in man’s most precious bodily fluid. Before he anointed himself the King of Sperm Khaled Kteily, scarred (mentally, at least), by spill of hot tea on his lap, made “an appointment to test and freeze his semen at a lab in Cambridge, where the act of watching the clinic’s pornos and depositing his sample feels like a degrading counterpoint to the eventual pursuit of starting a family. ‘This is one of the most profound things that I’ve ever done,’ he says. ‘But the experience I had was, you know, jerking off in the back of an alleyway. And I became really fixated on just how far apart these two feelings were.’ This gives him an idea for a start-up.” (Trust me, this wasn’t the first start-up that was conceived at such a moment. Ay, there’s the rub.)

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