Over the Counter Revolution: “The Food and Drug Administration approved a daily oral contraceptive pill for use without a prescription on Thursday, a landmark event that comes as some U.S. states have sought to restrict access to birth control and abortion.” So women can decide how they want to handle their own reproductive system? What a concept.

+ Detention Camps: “Thousands of Ukrainian civilians are being detained across Russia and the Ukrainian territories it occupies, in centers ranging from brand-new wings in Russian prisons to clammy basements … And Russia is planning to hold possibly thousands more. A Russian government document obtained by The Associated Press dating to January outlined plans to create 25 new prison colonies and six other detention centers.” These crimes are all too familiar. One thing the world can do: train more Ukrainian soldiers. A short video from the NYT (Free): How to Give Ukraine’s Army of Bakers and Plumbers a Fighting Chance.

+ Slow Your Binge: “In a statement, the union said that the negotiating committee had voted unanimously to recommend a strike.” Actors are set to join striking writers. The ‘Oppenheimer’ Cast Left the U.K. Premiere as SAG-AFTRA Strike Imminent.

+ Lock Up and Throw Away the Crypto Key: “Alex Mashinsky, the founder and former CEO of bankrupt cryptocurrency lender Celsius Network, was arrested and charged with fraud.” (At this point, I hope the phones in prison take crypto.)

+ Not What We Meant By Windy City: Today in weather: “A tornado touched down near Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, prompting passengers to take shelter and disrupting hundreds of flights. ”

+ Elon’s Wage Match: NYT: “The lawsuit accuses Twitter and Musk of violating a federal law regulating employee benefit plans. Twitter has already been sued for allegedly failing to pay severance, but those cases involve breach of contract claims and not the benefits law.” Twitter owes ex-employees $500 million in severance, lawsuit claims. “Twitter no longer has a media relations department. The company responded to a request for comment with a poop emoji.” (What a genius.)

+ Legal Brief: “Many young people in Italy are expressing outrage on social media, after a judge cleared a school caretaker of groping a teenager, because it did not last long enough.” Italian uproar over judge’s 10-second groping rule.