And the poets down here don’t write nothing at all
They just stand back and let it all be
—Bruce Springsteen, Jungleland

We’re used to the endless stories of Israel’s conflicts with its neighbors. But these days, the biggest threat to Israel’s democracy comes from within, and it’s a story quite similar to one that confronted (and may soon again confront) American democracy. While Americans often react to these threats by burying themselves in the latest Netflix binge, Israelis have taken to the streets … and stayed there, in one of the most consistent pro-democracy protest movements in recent memory. It’s unclear whether or not this protest will make a dent in efforts to thwart democracy by Benjamin Netanyahu and his far right coalition, but the outcome could set an example for others around the world, including America. Israeli protesters stage ‘day of disruption’ against controversial judicial overhaul. “Tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in Israel on Tuesday in the biggest weekday protest in months against the government’s renewed moves to overhaul the country’s judicial system.”

+ NYT: Protesters Throng Israeli Airport After Government Moves to Rein In Judiciary. “The renewed demonstrations reflected how the debate over the judicial overhaul is far from over: The protests also illustrated the political bind facing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who risks setting off social unrest by proceeding with the overhaul, or the collapse of his hard-line coalition if he halts it.”

+ Times of Israel: Protests ramp up with roads blocked, dozens detained; thousands converge on airport.

+ “The coalition says the court has too often acted against right-wing interests — for instance by preventing some construction of Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank or striking down certain privileges granted to ultra-Orthodox Jews.” Some background from the NYT (Gift Article): Israeli Government Presses Ahead With Judicial Overhaul.

+ Meanwhile, the challenges from the usual conflict (which is directly related to the internal one in many ways) continues apace. Newshour: Cycle of violence and economic turmoil pushes young Palestinians to take up arms.