Why I Quit Drinking

Drinking fads come and go, as do the warnings associated with our latest beverages of choice. A few months ago, I quit a few of my favorite zero sugar drinks because of a report about the risks associated with erythritol. The WHO is about to declare aspartame can cause cancer (et tu, Diet Coke?). At least moderate alcohol consumption is healthy. Oh wait, I forgot about this recent buzzkill: No, moderate drinking isn’t good for your health. In the end, we’ll find out that the solitary safe beverage is a tall glass of water. Only, that’s not safe either, because in addition to H2O, that glass also likely contains PFBS, PFHxS, PFOA, and/or a twist of PFOS. I don’t know what all those letters stand for, but one assumes that guzzling forever chemicals can leave one’s health on the rocks. Study says drinking water from nearly half of US faucets contains potentially harmful chemicals.

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