Trip Advisor

“Greenberg was looping. Passing thoughts became black holes clawing him to untold depths, playing and replaying in a mad, warping whirlpool. Tricks that would have typically changed the channel—classical music, a splash of water to the face, waiting it out, crying it out—had no effect. Worst of all, he had no help. This wasn’t a guided journey, after all, just a man alone in his house, losing his mind. Who do you call in such a state? Who could possibly understand this other­worldly misery with its indescribable new dimensions, its billowing revelations, its slithering dream logic?” Wired: Meet the Psychedelic Boom’s First Responders. “With more tripping will come more psychic terror. A new movement of volunteers will guide you through your brain melt.” (They should have a service like this for news curators.)

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