Buffeted But Not Broken

“Americans love big things. That’s it. We just love more. I’m not saying that’s good. I’m just saying it’s who we are.” As a person who treats visits to the Sizzler like an extreme athlete, I’m not one to disagree. Much to the surprise of many, the all-you-can-eat spreads that were left for dead during the pandemic are back … in a big way. NYT (Gift Article): The Buffet Is Back, Stretching Dollars and Slinging Crab Legs. (In college, my friends and I used to fast for 24 hours before going to the Sizzler.)

+ Related (in sort of a bummer way) from WaPo (Gift Article): Melted, pounded, extruded: Why many ultra-processed foods are unhealthy. “Industrial processing changes the structure of food. Experts say it can affect how much you eat and absorb, your weight and risk for chronic disease.” (This is, of course, the everything story when it comes to human health.)

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