What to Watch: The Bear is one of the top shows in recent years and season 2 has dropped (and it getting rave reviews). It’s time to start calling everyone Chef again. Check out The Bear on Hulu. And if the recipe for The Bear has a secret sauce, it’s Ayo Edebiri. The New Yorker: How Ayo Edebiri Went from Being an Uncomfortable Child to a Star of The Bear.

+ What to Read: In addition to being the talented and generous editor behind some of your favorite authors, Sarah Stewart Taylor is an awesome mystery writer at the top of her game. Her latest Maggie D’arcy mystery, A Stolen Child, is getting a ton of praise for its plot twists, character depth, and what AP describes as, “a lyrical prose style that is a joy to read.”

+ What to Doc: Ed Sheeran and Disney set out to make a multipart documentary that celebrated his newest album and tour. Then life intervened, which made for some personal trauma and much more interesting look at the life of a musical superstar. The Sum of It All.