“For the past 95 years, Virginia Oliver’s morning routine has been much the same: She applies red lipstick, puts on her fishing gear and — just before daybreak — she boards a boat. Then, for several hours straight, she hauls lobster traps.” WaPo (Gift Article): ‘Lobster Lady’ turns 103, has been hauling traps for 95 years.

+ “A firefighter in Ocala, Florida, was pulling an overnight shift at the station in January when he was awakened at 2 a.m. by an alarm. He recognized the sound immediately. A newborn had been placed in the building’s Safe Haven Baby Box, a device that allows someone to safely and anonymously surrender a child — no questions asked.” Newborn left in Florida Safe Haven Baby Box adopted by the firefighter who found her.

+ Natalie Jones and Cole Fitch shared a spontaneous kiss at a festival but didn’t exchange contact info. Internet sleuths help radio host find man she kissed at festival.

+ Camera review site DPReview finds a buyer, avoids shutdown by Amazon.

+ Firefighters rescue horse from Florida swimming pool.