Weekend Whats

What to Movie: I was lucky to go to an early screening of Wes Anderson’s new movie, Asteroid City, which is landing in theaters over the next week. It’s visually stunning, of course. And it’s weird, of course. In fact, even in the (near-universal) positive reviews, writers can’t really explain the movie or even why they’re reviewing it positively. I won’t even try. Just check it out.

+ What to Comedy: Sarah Silverman’s newest standup special on HBO is excellent, and could be the most Jewish standup special ever. (And in standup, that’s saying something.)

+ What to Celebrate: Happy tenth anniversary to my favorite T-shirt site (I buy all of my shirts there, and also sell my NextDraft shirts there). Happy Birthday, Cotton Bureau. Some of my faves include, Adequate Dad, Roy Effen Kent, Hodor-Wordle, and Sorry We’re Closed (off emotionally).

+ What to Doc: If you missed yesterday’s edition, I covered the loss of editor extraordinaire Robert Gottlieb and the absolutely great documentary about the relationship between Gottlieb and the writer Robert Caro.

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