Feel Good Friday

“Having more money than you know what to do with is usually a good thing, but for one California family, it’s a little bit more complicated than that.” Family finds 1 million copper pennies while cleaning out Los Angeles home. (But they didn’t find their missing AppleTV remote…)

+ This opera singer lost his voice after spinal surgery. Then he met someone who changed his life.

+ In a First, Wind and Solar Generated More Power Than Coal in US.

+ $930 million in grants announced in Biden’s effort to expand internet access to every home in the US.

+ Dog ejected from car during Sunday crash found on sheep farm, herding sheep.

+ 4500 miles for five bucks. Or why electric bikes are the most climate-friendly way to travel.

+ “Mario Wienerroither takes music videos, strips out all the sound, and then foleys back in sound effects based on what people are doing in the video. You’ll get the gist after about 6 seconds of this Jamiroquai video.”

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