Extra, Extra

Sealed Fate? “For months, the BBC has been communicating in secret with three North Koreans living in the country. They expose, for the first time, the disaster unfolding there since the government sealed the borders more than three years ago.
Starvation, brutal crackdowns, and no chance to escape.” We Are Stuck Waiting to Die.

+ Greek Shipwreck: “Survivors from an overcrowded fishing boat that capsized and sank on Wednesday off the Greek coast in one of the worst disasters in the Mediterranean in recent years have told doctors and police that women and children were travelling in the hold of the vessel.” Greece shipwreck: up to 100 children were below deck, survivors say.

+ Native Son (and Daughter): “The U.S. Supreme Court, defying predictions, upheld the Indian Child Welfare Act on Thursday … By a 7-2 vote, the court upheld the law’s preferences for Native tribes when American Indian children are adopted.” (I wouldn’t make any predictions about this court, except when it comes to cases that have any connection to religion.)

+ Party Rule: “Blimey. This is a report – in breadth and depth – that demolishes Boris Johnson’s character and conduct. Let’s be blunt: it says he lied.”

+ Strip Show: “The Oakland Athletics cleared a major hurdle for their planned relocation to Las Vegas after the Nevada Legislature gave final approval on Wednesday to public funding for a portion of a proposed $1.5 billion stadium with a retractable roof.” (Vegas took the Raiders and the A’s. Oakland should legalize gambling.)

+ B’s Fees: “She can sing. She can dance. She can cause unexpectedly high inflation in Sweden. The kick-off of superstar Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour in Stockholm last month may have contributed to a spike in that country’s May inflation rate, according to an analysis by an economist at Danske Bank.” (A small price to pay to be in proximity of Beyonce.)

+ K-911: “Days after participating in the rescue of four children in the Amazonian jungle, Colombian commandos are now searching for a beloved comrade—a furry, four-legged one. About 100 commandos brave heat, heavy downpours, bug bites and general misery to find Wilson, a Belgian shepherd who was participating in the search.” WSJ (Gift Article): Wilson the Rescue Dog Who Helped Find the Amazon Children Is Missing.

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