The (latest) case against Trump is clear and seems pretty airtight (especially since he keeps publicly confessing). The reaction to the case is more perplexing. Dahlia Lithwick in Slate: What Will Come From This Indictment. “We’ve officially reached peak Schrödinger’s coup. Democracy is either alive or dead inside that box, and everyone is too afraid to look inside and say which it is. And this in turn puts us all in the unenviable position of having to reckon with two conflicting truths: Yes, the legal walls are closing in. And as they do so, for some the power of these legal walls is crumbling before our eyes. It’s blinding: The more criminal trouble Trump finds himself in, the more his political capital rises. The law may in fact be powerless in the face of that simple truth. I used to fret that politics would always, always outrun the law; that a Trump lie, or threat, or boast would make it twice around the world while the justice system was still just putting its socks on. But increasingly, I think we’re not even running the same course, or playing on the same field, or moving toward the same ends. The more the ‘rule of law’ triumphs, the stronger the forces that hate the rule of law actually become.”

+ The only thing that seems constant in this crazy world of ours is Trump’s base of support. Take Washington for example. Seattle Times: Does nothing matter? Trump support in WA hasn’t budged in 7 years. “The theory says we live in an age where actions have no consequences, where truth is little different than lies. It further finds that no wind blowing through politics, no matter how strong, can pierce the partisan haze.”

+ So much of this can be tied back to Trump’s enablers, who will never find a bottom. That includes pathetic, craven politicians who put their own tiny-handed grasp on power over the good of the country, and it includes the unabashedly evil Fox News, where shameful lies did not leave the building with Tucker Carlson. A post-arraignment Fox News chyron read: Wannabee Dictator Speaks at White House After Having His Rival Arrested. If your company is advertising on Fox News, this is the garbage you’re buying and your brand association.