Life Neverlasting: This is supposed to be the era of life-extension. So why are Americans dying sooner? Annual numbers of excess deaths in the US relative to other developed countries are growing at an alarming rate.

+ Miami Pound Machine: “The title ends Denver’s 47-season wait for NBA glory. Add in their ABA years and the Nuggets played 56 seasons before winning it all.” The Denver Nuggets are champions at last.

+ Ban Ban: “A new law lets the state withhold funds from libraries that remove books or don’t follow American Library Association guidelines.” Illinois Becomes First State to ‘Ban’ Book Bans.

+ If You Can’t Beat Em, Destroy Em: “Kenyan tea pickers are destroying machines brought in to replace them during violent protests that highlight the challenge faced by low-skilled workers as more agribusiness companies rely on automation to cut costs.”

+ Tweet, Slay, Shove: “Elizabeth Gilbert, the bestselling author of Eat, Pray, Love, announced that she is halting the release of her next book following a “massive” backlash about its setting in Russia.” (We really live in an age of idiocy.)

+ Ticket to AI: Paul McCartney said the technology had been used to ‘extricate’ John Lennon’s voice from an old demo so he could complete the song. Thanks in part to AI, the Beatles are about to release one last single.

+ Letter R.I.P. “Well, the time has come. I’ve decided that our 41st season, which begins in September, will be my last. It’s been a wonderful ride, and I’ll have more to say in the coming months. Many thanks to you all.” And with that, Pat Sajak announced that he’ll be retiring from Wheel of Fortune. (So soon?)