When Netflix Would No Longer Chill: A funny thing happened when Netflix started its crackdown on customers sharing passwords. It got a slew of new paying customers. Netflix Password Crackdown Drives U.S. Sign-Ups to Highest Levels in at Least Four Years.

+ Chile Children: “Thousands of Chileans, illegally adopted during the Pinochet dictatorship, are now relying on tech to trace their biological families.” Rest of World: How Chile’s stolen babies are finding their biological families after decades apart.

+ Bad Spaniels: “The US supreme court on Thursday gave a boost to Jack Daniel’s in its trademark dispute with a dog accessory company that sold a parody chew toy resembling the distiller’s widely recognized black-label whiskey bottle.” Whiskey-a-no-no: dog toy cannot mimic Jack Daniel’s, US supreme court rules. What divided court? This ruling was 9-0.

+ Cat Out of the Hat: Between the pandemic rush to adopt pets and the increasing cost of caring for them, a lot of New Yorkers decided to set their new cats free. Like, really a lot. NYT: How to Clear 500,000 Feral Cats From New York’s Streets.