“A man was high on LSD and having sex with a sex worker on one side of the San Francisco apartment. Only a few feet away, a squat man with a face like ‘an extremely menacing bowling ball’ observed the couple with a scientific curiosity as he sat on a toilet seat and drank a martini. It was no scene out of a movie: For eight years, between 1955 and 1963, federal agents ran a hidden brothel in one of San Francisco’s poshest neighborhoods and tested LSD on unsuspecting Bay Area residents.” SF Gate with today’s example of the truth being weirder than fiction. Operation Midnight Climax’: The CIA mixed LSD and sex at this SF brothel. Of course, every San Francisco story has essentially the same (not necessarily happy) ending. “The apartment building is still there, although it has been converted from a CIA brothel into a four-story mansion worth over $10 million.”