Bottom of the News

“Tourist season is gearing up again in Scotland’s capital. The skirl of the bagpipes, the street jugglers, the whisky tastings, the…wait, what the heck is that? Edinburgh’s latest tourist draw is a brand-new hotel spiraling above in the city’s northeast corner whose architects intended it to resemble a coiled ribbon. To the cellphone-toting visitors, though, the building bears a resemblance to something far less festive—the widely known poop emoji.” WSJ (Gift Article): Is It Just Me, or Does That Hotel Look Like…?

+ “For pickleball players, pwock is glorious. It’s the sound of a solid hit, an auditory cue that means you’re having fun, competing, and maybe even getting revenge on that pompous high school P.E. teacher who once tormented your class with his crafty pickleball skills (although that last part might just be me) … But many people living near the pickleball courts, however, have a knock with the pwock.” One man’s quest to make pickleball quiet.

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