Bottom of the News

“Shah’s winning word was ‘psammophile,’ a noun that is used to describe animals and plants that prefer to live in sandy soil environments.” A 14-year-old from Florida wins the National Spelling Bee.

+ Baltimore couple team up to save life of fellow passenger on Southwest flight. (My wife and I teamed up to watch the latest season of Yellowstone.)

+ Their high school canceled an LGBTQ play. These teens put it on anyway.

+ To mark Pride Month (during this age of book banning and anti-gay movements), my friend Jessi Hempel is looking to increase distribution of The Family Outing. I supported the effort and you should, too.

+ Amanda Gorman’s Book Sales Hit A New Peak After A Florida School Banned ‘The Hill We Climb’.

+ Nepali sherpa saves Malaysian climber in rare Everest ‘death zone’ rescue.

+ Memorial Day air travel exceeded pre-pandemic levels. Yes, that means more crowds and more travel stress. But it also mean more normalcy. Let’s never again take normal for granted.

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