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Diversity of Ruins : “After years of experimentation — often prompted by state-level bans on considering race in admissions — there’s no clear solution. In states requiring race-neutral policies, many colleges have seen enrollment drops among Black and Hispanic students, especially at selective colleges that historically have been mostly white. Now, as the Supreme Court decides the fate of affirmative action, colleges nationwide could soon face the same test, with some bracing for setbacks that could erase decades of progress on campus diversity. A ruling is expected by the end of June.” As Supreme Court considers affirmative action, colleges see few other ways to diversity goals.

+ Debt Tu, Bruté? Despite dissent, Joe Biden and Kevin McCarthy both seem confident that Congress will pass their debt deal and avoid a global economic disaster. Let’s hope they’re right. From Vox: The biggest policy changes in the debt ceiling deal, explained.

+ Mother of All Battles: “When 15-year-old Sasha Kraynyuk studied the photograph handed to him by Ukrainian investigators, he recognised the boy dressed in Russian military uniform immediately. The teenager sitting at a school desk has the Z-mark of Russia’s war emblazoned on his right sleeve, coloured in the red, white and blue of the Russian flag. But the boy’s name is Artem, and he’s Ukrainian.” Ukraine war: The mothers going to get their children back from Russia.

+ Erdogan Again: “The opposition—the people themselves—who monitored the voting in classrooms, who posted videos of voter intimidation on Twitter, or worked together to assess election irregularities, have somehow not given up hope or energy in the past twenty years. But we will see many people leave Turkey in the next year—those with opportunities abroad, but also those under threat, especially people facing trumped-up charges of terrorism.” The New Yorker: The Turkish Elections Swung from Hope to Despair.

+ Party of None: “Food workers who showed up while sick or contagious were linked to about 40% of restaurant food poisoning outbreaks with a known cause between 2017 and 2019.”

+ Packing it On: “‘No one can see your weight — not even us!’ … Still, he acknowledged that stepping onto scales in public ‘can be daunting.'” Air New Zealand is weighing passengers before they board international flights.

+ Whale (is) Watching: “A beluga whale long believed to be a Russian spy has surfaced in Sweden, fueling concerns about his well-being and efforts to protect him from dangerous boat traffic.” Wait, what?

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