What to Doc: From The Center for Investigative Reporting, Victim/Suspect on Netflix is a timely and extremely well-reported look at how young women who report sexual assaults actually end up getting arrested themselves. Right here, right now in America. The documentary is also an amazing look at what it takes to be a great investigative reporter. Please watch it and spread the word.

+ What to Book: No one does better book lists than my wife, Gina Pell. This year is no exception. These are sure thing books: The What List Best Books 2023.

+ What to TV: When Cary and Brooke Dubek’s 13-year-old brother becomes an overnight pop sensation, their unglamorous lives are thrown into chaos. The Other Two on HBO, er Max, is an excellent comedy series with a Schitt’s Creek vibe and a hint of Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It’s also an excellent satire of the modern entertainment and influencer economy.

+ What to Mourn: Succession is going away. I miss it already. Variety: Goodbye, ‘Succession’: A Pre-Finale Ode to the Great Show of Our Time.