N Sync

There are arguments for and against AI and much debate about how it will change society. But one thing’s for sure. It’s coming and it’s coming fast. How do we know? Follow the money. Nvidia is the leading chipmaker when it comes to AI, and the company just announced earnings yesterday. How did it go? From Quartz: “Chipmaker Nvidia’s upbeat earnings gave its stock a boost unprecedented in the company’s history and in the history of the US stock market.”

+ Nvidia stuns markets and signals how artificial intelligence could reshape technology sector.

+ “As recently as two years ago, AI created robotic text riddled with errors. Images were tiny, pixelated and lacked artistic appeal. The mere suggestion that AI might one day rival human capability and talent drew ridicule from academics.” So what happened? WaPo (Gift Article): See why AI like ChatGPT has gotten so good, so fast.

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