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You know that massive parent-driven campaign that’s been sweeping the nation to protect our children from dangerous books? Well, it’s not the grass-roots movement you may have imagined. In fact, it’s largely driven by eleven people. WaPo (Gift Article): Objection to sexual, LGBTQ content propels spike in book challenges. “An analysis of book challenges from across the nation shows the majority were filed by just 11 people.” It’s worth noting that this small group of people is finding receptive audiences among the slack jawed mouth-breathing imbeciles who sit in judgement of authors like Toni Morrison. It’s so ludicrous that someone should write a book about it so they can ban that, too.

+ Small groups, big impact: Target pulls some LGBTQ

+ merchandise from stores ahead of June Pride month after threats to workers.

+ Based on a single complaint, “a K-8 school in Miami-Dade County restricted access to Amanda Gorman’s acclaimed poem ‘The Hill We Climb,’ which she read at President Biden’s inauguration, for elementary-aged students after a parent issued a formal complaint on the grounds that the poem was ‘not educational’ and included indirect ‘hate messages.'”

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