Screenage Wasteland

“Our children have become unknowing participants in a decades-long experiment.” Vox: How far should the government go to control what your kids see online? “Surgeon General Vivek Murthy issued an advisory on May 23 that outlined social media’s perceived risks and benefits to children, saying that ‘we do not have enough evidence to conclude that [social media] is sufficiently safe for them.’ Lawmakers, the advisory said, can mitigate possible harm with policies such as age minimums, increased data privacy for children, and age-appropriate health and safety standards for platforms to implement.” I’m not sure government intrusion is the answer and I am sure that any such efforts would instantly devolve into culture war nonsense. But the notion that our kids spending their entire lives glued to their devices is harmless is patently (and parently) absurd, and I’m quite sure my kids would agree (although they haven’t returned my texts about this).

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