Weekend Whats

What to TV: I’m gonna go a little old school with this pick. I’ve lately been addicted to Parks and Recreation. It takes a while to get into its groove, but then you’re still left with about 6 and 3/4s seasons of a quality sitcom featuring actors who were already famous or have subsequently become stars. So far my favorite line from the endlessly quotable Ron Swanson came when he was asked whether he had any history of mental illness in the family: “I have an uncle who does yoga.”

+ What to Doc: To make a great surfing series, HBO followed Garrett McNamara to perhaps the sport’s greatest wave. It worked. Season 2 of 100 Foot Wave is now out on HBO.

+ What to Pod: The NYT has spent a couple years honing its latest audio offering, and I have a feeling it’s going to be huge. NYT Audio includes daily headlines, authors reading their own feature pieces, and audio versions of articles curated from around the internet. For now, the app is only available to NYT subscribers. (Bob Lefsetz has a good overview of why this is a big deal.)

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