Our First Kiss

Kiss the rock band was formed in 1973. Kiss the human behavior has been around for far longer. In fact, kissing may even predate humans. The First Kiss in Recorded History Dates Back Nearly 5,000 Years. (That’s a hell of a lot of foreplay.) But according to a recent study, we can assume lip locking started long before that, even if Neanderthals didn’t kiss and Hieroglyph. “A kiss can leave behind more than just the magic of the moment. Memories may be supplemented by oral herpes or the Epstein-Barr virus. It is surmised that Neanderthals and modern humans could have touched lips more than 100,000 years ago because of the presence of the microbe Methanobrevibacter oralis in both species.” (If my personal experience is any indicator, it took another ten to twelve thousand years to get to second base.)

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