The first rule of Whine Club is that you can talk about Whine Club all you want (no matter how off-putting it is to others.) “Some people … are notorious: √©lite professors who have deviated from campus consensus or who have broken university rules, and journalists who have made a name for themselves amid public backlash (or who have weathered it quietly). Others are relative nobodies, people who for one reason or another have become exasperated with what they see as rampant censorious thinking in our culture.” This is the guest list for a unique gathering in NYC. Well, it’s a unique offline gathering. It’s seems to be a very common online grouping on social networks. The New Yorker’s Emma Green takes you inside a monthly New York City hangout, where fired university professors and controversial TikTokers get together to have discussions they feel they can’t have anywhere else (except, apparently, in The New Yorker): The Party Is Cancelled. (This entire era of human discourse should be cancelled.)