Extra, Extra

Platform Function: “The Supreme Court sided with Twitter and Google on Thursday, saying the tech giants aren’t liable for terrorists using their platforms. But, the decisions — penned by conservative justices on the court — stayed out of the ongoing battle over Section 230, handing Big Tech a win and leaving intact the legal protections that Donald Trump and other lawmakers have raged against.” In another case, Supreme Court ruled Andy Warhol violated a photographer’s copyright on image of Prince. (Does that mean he violated a campbell’s soup can, too?)

+ Mouseketeer Jerk(er): “Disney has abandoned plans to open up a new employee campus in Lake Nona, Florida, amid rising tensions with the state’s governor … the company will not move forward with construction of the campus and will no longer be asking more than 2,000 California-based employees to relocate to Florida.” Shrewd move, Ron.

+ Chicken Catch a Story: Undercover audio of a Tyson employee reveals “free-range” chicken is meaningless.

+ Bullet Point: “In the wake of the shootings, President Aleksandar Vucic swiftly announced what he called a ‘general disarmament’ of the country. He declared a month-long amnesty for illegally-held weapons, with a warning of harsh consequences for anyone who held on to guns without a permit. The president also has legally-held weapons in his sights. Mr Vucic has announced a moratorium on new weapons permits and a review of current gun licenses.” Serbians hand in guns and question culture of violence after two shootings. Meanwhile, in America, “this year, mass shootings are on the rise. So are laws expanding gun rights.”

+ Unwise Counsel: “Specialists in the law and practice of counter-intelligence can argue whether Durham has correctly interpreted the appropriate modalities of FBI procedure. Very possibly, Durham is correct. Yet even if he is, isn’t this all kind of underwhelming? Durham’s sponsors hoped to reveal a globe-spanning conspiracy to vilify an innocent Donald Trump. What he delivered for them instead was a list of arguable procedural infractions by the FBI … Post-Durham, we are exactly where we were pre-Durham.” David Frum in The Atlantic (Free Article) on special counsel John Durham’s long and fruitless attempt to reverse reality. A Sinister Flop.

+ Jungle Crash: Search teams have found four children alive 17 days after their plane crashed in a Colombian jungle.

+ Clay Achin’: Perhaps no single major sporting event has been more dominated by a single athlete than the way Rafa Nadal has owned the French Open. Injuries will keep him out of this year’s tournament and he expects 2024 to be his last year on the tour.

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