College Station Identification

“Experts say the tensions erupting at Texas A&M lay bare a troubling reality: protocols on how and when to use chatbots in classwork are vague and unenforceable, with any effort to regulate use risking false accusations.” WaPo (Gift Article): A prof falsely accused his class of using ChatGPT. Their diplomas are in jeopardy. “In response to concerns in the classroom, a fleet of companies have released products claiming they can flag AI generated text. Plagiarism detection company Turnitin unveiled an AI-writing detector in April to subscribers. A Post examination showed it can wrongly flag human generated text as written by AI. In January, ChatGPT-maker OpenAI said it created a tool that can distinguish between human and AI-generated text, but noted that it ‘is not fully reliable’ and incorrectly labels such text 9 percent of the time.”

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