Inmates Running Asylum

As Title 42 ends, we can expect more chaos at the border — and more chaos in the political response. The NYT (Free Article) has a good look at the root causes (largely ignored in the debate) that have led to the surge. What’s Driving Record Levels of Migration to the U.S. Border? In a nutshell: “While migration to the U.S. southern border has always fluctuated, the pandemic and the recession that followed hit Latin America harder than almost anywhere else in the world, plunging millions into hunger, destitution and despair. A generation of progress against extreme poverty was wiped out. Unemployment hit a two-decade high. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine choked off a key pipeline for grain and fertilizer, triggering a spike in food prices. Economic shocks were worsened by violence, as conflicts between armed groups festered in once relatively peaceful countries and raged in places long accustomed to the terror.”

+ So who gets in? The NYT (Gift Article) has a really clear selection of charts that explain the rules. Enjoy the clarity of these two articles. It’s about to get obliterated by political messaging machines. A Guide to America’s Chaotic Border Rules.

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