Succession: “Collectively known as Los Chapitos, or ‘the little Chapos,’ the four siblings were once mocked by adversaries as entitled princelings more concerned with flashing their wealth on Instagram than the grubby work of moving tons of cocaine into the United States. Yet the brothers have resuscitated a drug empire teetering after their father was locked behind U.S. bars and diversified the business by embracing a new line of synthetic drugs.” How El Chapo’s sons built a fentanyl empire poisoning America.

+ Under the Influence: “Montiel is among the lucky beneficiaries of a strange form of seeking justice that is gaining popularity in Venezuela, where access to formal legal channels has become increasingly limited.” In Venezuela, crime victims turn to influencers to find justice.

+ Dooce: A major voice from the long gone web has passed away. RIP. “The pioneering mommy blogger Heather Armstrong, who laid bare her struggles as a mother and her battles with depression and alcoholism on her site and on social media, has died at 47. Armstrong died by suicide.” (So many people – myself included – spend so much time trying to amass followers on the internet. Heather achieved that. It’s not the answer.)

+ Bolly Pulpit: “As the most popular actress in the world’s most populous country, she’s often asked if she’s going to move to Hollywood. ‘My mission has always been to make a global impact while still being rooted in my country.'” Deepika Padukone Is Bringing the World to Bollywood.

+ You Hear It First: “In the late 1980s, a group of grumpy music journalism vets and fresh-faced 20-somethings came together for a radical media experiment: the launch of a cable news division programmed for, and largely run by American youth.” (Ironically, it had a lot more of what you’d describe as news than today’s 24-hour news channels.) “It Was Lightning in a Bottle”: An Oral History of MTV News.

+ Bo … Boo! “I have done everything — scare me, hang upside down, drink water, smell the ass of a porcupine. It doesn’t work.” Bo Jackson Has Had Hiccups for Nearly a Year.

+ The Cost a Pasta Has Crossed a Line: “Whether rising prices are cooked in from production cost increases or are a byproduct of corporate greed has become a point of contention among Italian consumers and business owners.” Italy calls a crisis meeting after pasta prices jump 20%.