What would happen if Americans started buying more electric cars? Would the grid collapse? Would jobs be lost? Would there be enough chargers to go around? Perhaps the best way to clear the air on these questions is to look to Norway, where they’ve already made the transition and where the air has been cleared. NYT (Gift Article): In Norway, the Electric Vehicle Future Has Already Arrived. “Last year, 80 percent of new-car sales in Norway were electric, putting the country at the vanguard of the shift to battery-powered mobility. It has also turned Norway into an observatory for figuring out what the electric vehicle revolution might mean for the environment, workers and life in general.” (As we discussed yesterday, in the US, it’s not that people aren’t buying new electric cars, it’s that most can’t afford new cars at all.)

+ Some politicians in Texas are against transitions, even to cleaner fuels. No one is suggesting renewables can immediately fulfill our fuel needs. But why be against the additional sources? WaPo (Gift Article): Why Texas, a clean energy powerhouse, is about to hit the brakes. “Texas embraces a famously laissez-faire approach to energy development, but now some of its most anti-regulatory lawmakers are pushing new rules and permitting requirements for solar and wind.”