Extra, Extra

Vaxing Nostalgic: US to lift most federal COVID-19 vaccine mandates next week. “Vaccine requirements for federal workers and federal contractors, as well as foreign air travelers to the U.S., will end May 11. The government is also beginning the process of lifting shot requirements for Head Start educators, healthcare workers, and noncitizens at U.S. land borders.” That means Novak Djokovic can play in the US Open. And it also means a lot more traffic at the border. “The Biden administration will send active-duty troops to the southern border as it braces for what is expected to be a surge in migration.”

+ The Show Must Go Off: “Following a record-setting surge in efforts to change curriculums and ban books at schools nationwide, the education culture war has now reached the stage. The controversy in Cardinal is one of a number of recent instances in which school administrators have intervened to nix or alter school theatrical productions deemed objectionable — often because they feature LGBTQ characters or deal with issues of race and racism.” WaPo (Gift Article): The culture war’s latest casualty: The high school musical. Meanwhile, in the part of America where art is still allowed, we have this year’s Tony nominations.

+ What a Tale His Thoughts Could Tell: “Canadian folk music icon Gordon Lightfoot, whose evocative and poetic songs are etched into the musical landscape of Canada, has died at the age of 84.” If you’re interested in learning more about this Canadian legend, there’s a good doc on Amazon. Gordon Lightfoot: If You Could Read My Mind.

+ Change State: From intercepting dangerous asteroids to mapping supply chains to identify—and prevent—forced labor to creating animal-free egg whites, FastCo is out with this year’s list of organizations pursuing world changing ideas.

+ Pillar of Salt Lake City: “The adult content website P-rnhub blocked access in Utah on Monday due to new state laws requiring websites with adult content to verify users’ ages before allowing them to access the platforms.”

+ Have Bag Will Travel: “Thanks to his status as a United employee, he pays nothing for flights originating within the United States and just the tax for international flights. For other airlines, he pays a heavily discounted fare. ‘I can jump on any flight as long as there is a seat available,’ he said. His bags are perpetually packed.” The SFO worker who has traveled to every country in the world, including North Korea.

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