School of Hard Knocks

One thing we can say after these pandemic years is that the kids aren’t alright. A lot of them were suffering before. And a whole lot more of them are understandably suffering now. “Even as the national emergency has receded, the mental health emergency has not: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently said almost one in three American high school girls had considered suicide, and more than 40 percent of teens were persistently sad or hopeless. Last year, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommended for the first time that doctors screen children age 8 and older for anxiety.” WaPo (Gift Article) on the kitchen sink approach that could be required to get kids and teens out of this mess. One school’s solution to the mental health crisis: Try everything. “From home visits to grocery donations to therapy sessions to animal encounters, this Ohio campus is grasping for every possible remedy.”

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