“A Michigan seventh grader, who took control of his school bus after the driver passed out, told his parents that he knew what to do because he watched the driver do it every day.” (This is how my kids know how to manage a lot of open tabs.)

+ He played more than 1,100 minor league games, and finally made an emotional MLB debut.

+ Think you were happy Tucker got fired? Meet the woman whose job required her to watch him every night.

+ Wrongfully convicted man freed after nearly 3 decades in prison meets his longtime pen pal for the first time.

+ Dream of walking his daughter down the aisle is fulfilled for exonerated Missouri man.

+ Oregon grocery store worker, 91, retires after raising more than $80,000 online.

+ Teen receives more than $9m in university scholarship offers. (So he could graduate only about $4 million in debt.)

+ James Corden just completed his last week of shows. Here’s a look back at The 10 best ‘Carpool Karaoke’ episodes of all time. Not on the list for some reason, but (one of) the best. Paul McCartney Carpool Karaoke.