Division Symbols

So many American problems can be tied back to a single root cause: The massive and growing economic divide. Some recent examples of the trend: NYT (Gift Article): Half of N.Y.C. Households Can’t Afford to Live Here, Report Finds. SF Chronicle: Vehicle encampment stretching 2 miles long has come to symbolize Marin’s affordability crisis. “A few RVs have always dotted Binford Road on the outskirts of Novato, but the number soared to at least 135 in recent years, fueled by acute housing insecurity and loss of income.” And from Axios: Marfa, Texas, became a famed art haven. Now locals can’t afford it. “Today, you’re lucky to find a house under $500,000. Some listings top $1 million. Yet the median household income for Marfa’s 1,788 full-time residents is $39,604.” (This is the issue that unites the United States.)

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