“Mechanic and repair trade programs saw an enrollment increase of 11.5% from spring 2021 to 2022, according to the National Student Clearinghouse. In construction trades, enrollment grew 19.3%, and in culinary programs, it increased 12.7%. Meanwhile, overall enrollment declined 7.8% at public two-year colleges, and 3.4% at public four-year institutions.” While some students skip college, trade programs are booming.

+ “Six figures of debt and no job? Minimal debt and a job with an above-median salary? The latter’s appeal is growing.” The Hustle: Degrees of separation: As college enrollment drops, trade school sign-ups rise.

+ “Many skilled trades face similar shortages, and those shortages have environmental consequences. The Inflation Reduction Act includes billions in tax credits and direct funding for a long list of climate-friendly projects, but all of them depend on the availability of workers who can execute and maintain them.” The New Yorker on The Great Electrician Shortage. “Going green will depend on blue-collar workers. Can we train enough of them before time runs out?” (I’m of no use here. It’s like the age-old question, “How many newsletter writers does take to screw in a lightbulb?” We don’t know. None of them has ever tried.)