Uterus v Them

“State lawmakers in Texas are considering a bill introduced last month that would make it illegal to provide information on how to access abortion. The bill would also require internet service providers to block websites offering content like that in Marty’s book, allow prosecution of abortion pill ‘distribution networks,’ and permit anyone to sue a person who shared anything about how to access a medical abortion. The proposal borrows from a Texas law passed in 2021 that offers a cash bounty to citizens who sue a person who helped facilitate access to abortion care.” Wired: Texas Could Push Tech Platforms to Censor Posts About Abortion. “If passed, the proposed law would also require internet service providers to block websites that discuss access to abortion.” (It sounds extreme because it’s intended to be. This is a holy war that’s been building over decades.)

+ “The ban, if it takes effect, would not only decimate what’s left of abortion access for residents in Florida, but would also significantly curtail care for women across the South, who have been traveling to Florida from more restrictive states since Roe was overturned last summer.” The astonishing radicalism of Florida’s new ban on abortion. Radical? Yes. Astonishing? Oly if you’re not paying attention.

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