Rigged System: “The rig has brought only a wave of problems, unemployment and more poverty. And it’s forced some women to turn to prostitution to support their families.” AP: Senegal gas deal drives locals to desperation, prostitution.

+ Port Lauderdale: Here’s why the downpour in Fort Lauderdale just wouldn’t stop and some photos of the devastating flooding that followed.

+ My Three Sons: “Federal prosecutors unsealed criminal charges against 28 members and associates of the Mexican Sinaloa Cartel — including the three sons of former drug lord Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán — accusing them of orchestrating a transnational fentanyl trafficking operation into the United States.” (Sadly, they found a more efficient way to cause death than their dad.)

+ Streets of San Francisco: San Francisco Says It Needs $600 Million More To Cut Street Homelessness in Half by 2028.

+ Court Knox: “In 2014, one of Texas billionaire Harlan Crow’s companies purchased a string of properties on a quiet residential street in Savannah, Georgia. It wasn’t a marquee acquisition for the real estate magnate, just an old single-story home and two vacant lots down the road. What made it noteworthy were the people on the other side of the deal: Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and his relatives.”

+ Dropping the Dime: “Police say thieves made off with at least 1 million dimes, worth $100,000, from a cargo truck parked overnight in a Walmart parking lot.”

+ Nab Rats: “Eradicating rats has been a consistent talking point for Mayor Adams. Just this week he appointed his new right hand in the battle against rodents, Kathleen Corradi. Corradi has worked in the city’s public school system for years. But experts say that Corradi’s new job to ‘fight the real enemy — New York City’s relentless rat population’ will be a tall order. That’s partly because research on urban rats is slim, and partly because that slim research points to a penchant for being elusive.” New York City appointed a rat czar. Her job will be a tall ask. The rat race is on.

+ Cookie Monster: “Despite not being a real Chinese tradition, an entire industry is dedicated to the fortune cookie, with approximately three billion manufactured each year. From predicting lottery numbers to telling jokes and repurposing ancient proverbs, manufacturers have written millions of fortunes, hoping that customers will never get the same one twice.” Fortune Cookie Writers May Be Losing Their Jobs to A.I. (The fortune you seek is in another cookie.)