The Straight Scoop

Food studies are some of the most frustrating content to consume. You never know who is backing them: Is big sugar behind the negative reports about sugar substitutes? Did booze sellers convince us that a drink or two a day was beneficial to our health? The only thing you can be certain of is that the healthy eating fad of today will be soon be linked to an early death. The Atlantic’s David Merritt Johns found what could be the most controversial (and most hopeful) food study of them all: that ice cream is good for you in the most surprising ways. Was this the ultimate scoop or just another study that needed to be scooped up after? Was this the breaking of the cone of silence, a piercing of the magic shell, a sher-bet, or just more of the same a la modus operandi from health researchers looking to push some ice cream novelties? Nutrition Science’s Most Preposterous Result. “There’s a thing that happens when you start writing a story about how maybe, possibly, believe it or not, ice cream might be sort of good for you, and how some of the world’s top nutritionists gathered evidence supporting that hypothesis but found reasons to look past it. You begin to ask yourself: Am I high on my own ice-cream supply?” I’m a Softee for this kind of news, so whether it’s real or not, I drink your milkshake.

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