Extra, Extra

The Wrong Track: Sometimes someone mentions a product to me and the next day I see ads for that product appear on social media. Maybe it’s paranoia, but it feels like we’re always being followed. It’s because we are. And here’s the rub. The ads are targeting us with more expensive products from lower-quality vendors. NYT: If It’s Advertised to You Online, You Probably Shouldn’t Buy It. Here’s Why.

+ Holy Hell Week: “Tensions are high following two nights of Israeli police raids at the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem earlier this week.” Israel strikes Lebanon and Gaza after major rocket attack.

+ Meow Remix: “While many people have embraced virtual visits with their own doctors, use of veterinary telemedicine by pet owners has lagged. In one new survey of more than 1,200 American cat owners, 72 percent reported using telemedicine for themselves, compared to just 3 percent who had used it for their felines.” NYT: The Virtual Vet Will See You Meow. (Why not. We know cats love to interrupt Zooms.)

+ Ozempic and Choose: “For all its hype, semaglutide is the stepping stone and not the final destination of a new class of obesity drugs. Just how good they get, and how quickly, will go a long way in determining whether this pharmaceutical revolution actually meets its full promise.” The Atlantic: Ozempic Is About to Be Old News.

+ I’m a Pepper, Too: “Chipotle also accused Sweetgreen of using a ‘font nearly identical’ to Chipotle’s on its website promoting the new salad. Some of Sweetgreen’s ads also use color that’s ‘nearly identical’ to Chipotle’s trademarked Adobo Red.” Chipotle accuses Sweetgreen of trademark infringement over its ‘chipotle chicken’ bowl. (Someone should sue Chipotle for calling what it serves, Burritos.)

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