It’s Always Darkness Before the Don

What will be the result of the first arraignment of Donald Trump? All we know for sure is that the case (and his responses) will be endlessly, breathlessly covered 24/7, whether there’s any new news or not. If this sounds familiar, it’s because the same pattern led to the 2016 election and continued for four years. TNR: The Media’s Coverage of Trump’s Indictment Was Dumb, Desperate, and a Really Bad Sign for 2024.

+ As I explained yesterday, Donald Trump isn’t the only one under arrest. You are, too. Arraign Drops Keep Falling on My Head.

+ “The defeated president of the United States incited an attack on Congress in hopes of preventing a transfer of power. Hundreds of his supporters were prosecuted and sentenced for joining a violent mob. Yet the first indictment in U.S. history of an ex-president arose from his scheme to pay two alleged sexual partners and one witness for their silence about Donald Trump’s sordid personal life.” I sort of had the same reaction as David Frum in The Atlantic, but as long as the big crimes are ultimately addressed, I’m not sure it really matters which case comes first. Don’t Indict Trump With This.

+ There were no mug shots taken before Trump’s arraignment. So people just made them up.

+ The world: “OMG!!!” New Yorkers: “Meh.” For this 44-year courthouse newsstand vendor, Trump’s historic arrest is just another day downtown. And, This couple accidentally got married at the site of trump’s arraignment: “I did not plan for this.” (Neither did the American empire…)

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