Way Apres-Ski

Let’s move on to less pressing legal news. It what seemed like a dispute too ridiculous to have made it to a courtroom and that lasted longer than Infinity War, Gwyneth Paltrow wons her ski crash case — and $1 in damages.

+ “A retired optometrist named Terry Sanderson was suing Paltrow for $300,000 in damages, alleging that she ran into him while skiing and caused him severe injuries. Paltrow countersued for $1, contending that Sanderson ran into her, not the other way around. After almost two weeks of incredibly extensive testimony, the jury took only a few hours to deliberate before coming to their verdict. Now Paltrow, whose net worth before the trial was estimated to be $200 million, is $1 richer. Gwynnocent!” Slate: Gwyneth Paltrow won her stupendous skiing trial in more ways than one.

+ People are making glorious memes of Gwyneth Paltrow whispering ‘I wish you well’ at the end of her trial.

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