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Port-a-Paddy: “I have journeyed into the heart of this verdant darkness. I have seen the glory and braved the toilets. And I have much to report. What I want to tell you is that this parade, with all its attendant rites and rituals, is one of the few miracles I have seen with my own eyes, one of the miracles being how more people don’t die. Some do. More on that in a moment.” I Can Feel God’s Presence in This Portable Toilet: Notes on St. Patricks Day in Savannah, Georgia, U.S.A.

+ Inside the world of high-end crypto rehab centers.

+ “A series of new slogans leaned into the city’s double-entendre name – with taglines such as ‘show us your Regina’ and ‘the city that rhymes with fun'” City of Regina in Canada sorry for ‘sexualized’ ads. (They knew things had gone wrong with everyone who visited the town quickly pulled out.)

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